Our unique understanding of your clients and our continual commitment to servicing their needs, is what enables us to put your business ahead of the competition.

Banks and financial institutions who wish to participate in the low value, high volume remittance sector need no longer rely on costly international payment infrastructures that ignore the critical first and last mile of payment execution.

Pay2Home understands the need of banks and puts KYC rules, Anti Money Laundering checks and Regulatory reporting at your service counters. Our payment platform, logistics and communication services take the guess work out of correspondent banking relationships and Pay2Home's partner network gives you the ability to offer the widest choice of last mile delivery channels; Bill payments, account credits, ATM networks, postal and home delivery networks in multiple jurisdictions.

Remittance Businesses
Traditional remittance businesses looking to distinguish their products and services can now take a quantum step up, overtaking their competition through enhanced customer service, business administration, Anti Money Laundering and regulatory compliance reporting.

Pay2Home offers the widest range of payment channels and countries from a single service platform. We can help raise the timeliness and reliability of your remittance services and give you new products and services that will truly delight your clients and their beneficiaries.

Employers and Agents
For companies that employ migrant workers or expatriates, our payroll deduction service allows an employee to specify a portion of his or her pay packet to be automatically delivered to a recipient(s) on pay day.

This service is offered to corporations on a revenue sharing basis. As such, the employer gains an additional revenue stream through the easy facilitation of remittances for their workers. Combined with the positive aspects it provides to their social compliance programs, participating companies improve their public standing and will become an employer of choice for migrant workers looking to work in their industry.

Agents represent a group of companies who are not currently servicing the remittance industry, or to whom remittances are not their primary business function. However, they have sufficient interest and accessibility to home country clients or distribution networks that they benefit by adding a remittance product to their offering. Examples of such companies are recruitment agencies, logistic companies, and home country thrift banks. The Pay2Home payment platform offers a low cost, easy and convenient mechanism for these companies allowing them to offer remittances under their own business name*.

*Subject to regulatory approval

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