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  Simply give your customers what they want - More choices!

In today’s remittance industry it’s all about providing your customers with a wide variety of channels through which they can send their money.

Pay2Home understands the demands of your customers and the complexity of providing them with all the service options and channels they require when sending money abroad.

It is in your interest to have the most channels and the largest possible geographical foot print. Now you can offer your customers a greater mix of channels in many different countries all from a single payment platform without the need to have multiple relationships, processes and systems.

Pay2Home can give you access to a wide variety of payment distribution channels through our extensive network of partners and service providers.

  • Bill Payments to 13,000 different companies
  • Multiple ATM Networks in many countries (over 10,000 ATM machines)
  • Domestic payment networks give destination country access to most banks
  • Funds collection points at numerous banks & branches
  • Thousands of Post Office collection and delivery services
  • Mobile phone top-ups

Just think - just about any payment distribution your customer could want, all from a single payment system. It’s so simple.

Your customer can now:

  • Pay their families bills,
  • Top up mobile telephones and
  • Send funds home.

This is done all at your counters, all from one single system. Now that’s a powerful service proposition that will keep them coming back again and again.

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