Redefining Remittances

Finding better ways of moving money around the world.

Pay2Home specializes in the development and supply of premium payment logistics products and services that facilitate seamless, timely and secure funds transfers around the world. Powered by Pay2Home, licensed remittance businesses, banks and other companies that support remitters can offer their own branded cross border remittance and payment solutions that save valuable time and money while keeping investment and maintenance costs low.

From our Singapore operational hub, we coordinate and support your cross border payment services in one end-to-end solution that frees you to focus on other key aspects of your business like client acquisition, brand building and new services. Our easy to use technology also means companies new to the remittance industry can open the door to new market segments at low cost and low risk.


Our centralized electronic payment and service platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing processing systems and comes to you fully functional. It is also web based so you do not require a major investment in technology and is scalable to suit any sized business need. For extra reassurance, the system also incorporates leading security and regulatory compliance features for worry free transactions.

Pay2Home is committed to providing relevant, innovative and low cost cross border payment services to all remitters through our partners and clients, who are licensed remittance businesses and banks. We believe this encourages the use of official channels for international payments and ensures better service levels and greater transparency and communication, which in turn, assists regulators in the deterrence of alternative remittance modes.

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