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Launch new products and services with ease

If your organization is looking to expand into new market segments with new products and services, a white labelling partnership with Pay2Home can be a powerful new element in your business plan.

White labelling is ideally suited to banks and licensed financial services businesses, that wish to participate in the high volume, low value payments market - typically payments associated with migrants and migrant workers living abroad.

Our payment platform and services can be customized to look and feel exactly as if they are owned and run by you.

  • It’s your brand and your customers make their cross border payments through you.
  • You market the service to your existing & new customers.
  • You set the fees, charges and foreign exchange rates in our system.
  • All receipts and reports etc are delivered to you for on forwarding to customers.
  • You settle the payments in the destination country. Pay2Home can assist you in this respect.
  • You can use the Pay2Home partners & delivery channels or restrict your delivery channels to our own companies in the destination country

Pay2Home handles all the processing of transactions in accordance with a service level agreement. We also provide you with input screens, reports and procedures that are customized to your organization.

After you input your customer’s payment into the payment platform you can leave the rest to us. In essence you outsource the processing and last mile delivery to Pay2Home, and by doing so can focus on your key business strengths and continue to build and enhance your customer relationships.

By sharing in our innovative technology and payment services you roll out new payment products, markets and services within weeks instead of spending months on time consuming and costly in-house development. Your costs are controlled, investment is minimal and yet you can still see a growth in your business.

Ask about our white-labelled payment services options and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how simple the answer will be. Your brand, our payment services in a flexible solution that ranges from complete outsourcing of all payment functions to what your institution is comfortable with.

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