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Providing the key to better service

Whether you are an established financial institution or remittance business looking to enhance and streamline your operations, or a new business looking for an opportunity to enter the remittance market, Pay2Home provides the mechanisms to empower your business.

In order to develop the most relevant and value added services and products, Pay2Home conducted extensive research into the remittance industry throughout Asia and beyond.

We came out with clear insight into what remitters want, the business and operational requirements of remittance businesses, banks and other financial institutions, plus the needs of the end recipients, putting us in a prime position to provide the best possible remittance and bill payment solutions.

With Pay2Home’s industry leading technology incorporated into your business, coupled with our alliances with trusted partners to provide multiple distribution channels, your company can facilitate the rapid and secure execution of cross border funds transfers and gain recognition as a superior service provider.

Our clients gain secure access to our data centres in Singapore via existing network infrastructure, while multi-tiered authorization allows controlled access to different modules that you can combine with your own central administration.

Pay2Home manages the transaction from end to end, offering multi-channel tracking so senders and recipients know where their money is any time of the day or night. For your peace of mind, our payment platform also comes with the latest security and regulatory compliance features.
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