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  Cheaper, faster and more reliable payment services

The Pay2Home product range lets you stop competing on price alone. By introducing our proven technology to your business you can enhance the level of service you can offer to your clients at a greatly reduced cost.

Pay2Home Remittances™
Pay2Home provides fast, secure and cost effective international funds transfers with a full range of distribution channels. Our centralised payment platform can be easily integrated with your company’s existing processing systems and is robust and scalable to suit any size business needs.

Pay2Home Bill Payments™
Our Bill Payment solution gives your company a unique opportunity to raise the bar for service standards by letting your customers directly pay their bills in the Philippines from whatever country they live and work in. The system is easy to use and gives instant access to an extensive list of billing corporations.

Pay2Home Payment Notifications and Tracking™
Your customers and their beneficiaries can be automatically informed via SMS, e-mail, or phone as to the progress and current status of their remittance or bill payment. This will truly differentiate your business and take away the burden of customer enquiries and mailing receipts.

Extend your services and build customer loyalty even further with your own branded pre-paid membership cards for Pay2Home remittance and direct bill payment services.

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