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Your Questions Answered

These are some commonly asked questions about Pay2Home Bill Payments. If your query is not covered here please contact us.

How do bill payments work?
Pay2Home direct bill payments are a secure and easy way of paying your bills in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region from wherever you live and work. It means that instead of relying on someone at home to pay the bills for you, you can now decide who you want to pay and when.

Which remittance shops can I use?
Click here to see the list of Pay2Home’s partner remittance businesses.

How much does it cost?
Each of our partner remittance businesses will set their own price for the bill payment service.

Who can I pay?
Currently, about 600 companies in the Philippines and around 12,000 in the Asia Pacific region and growing. These range from retailers, to hospitals and medical clinics, schools, utility companies and motor vehicle dealers plus many more. Click here to see full lists.

What if a company I want to pay isn’t on the list?
If there is a company you would like to pay direct who is not already on our network, we’ll make every attempt to process your first payment regardless and sign them up*. You can let us know who you’d like to make direct payments to by clicking here and filling out the request form.

*Terms and conditions apply.

How long does it take?
Payments are generally processed within 24 hours so your payment will usually be completed by the end of the next working day.

How will I know the bill has been paid?
We can send both you and your beneficiaries an SMS to let you know when your bill payment has been completed.

How do I get my account information?
You do not need the original invoice from the company you’d like to pay but you do need the account number or customer number and the invoice amount for us to process your payment. This information will be available directly from the company, or you can ask your family for the details when the invoice arrives.

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