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Pay2Home allows you to participate in a way that will associate your institution at the forefront of the payments service industry within your country and allows you to leverage your valuable brand equity abroad.

Pay2Home services are ideally suited to financial institutions looking at ways to increase fee based revenue, minimize transaction costs, extract greater value from branch networks and capture a share of the cross border payment flows generated by migrants, migrant workers and expatriates.

If you’re a financial institution located in a country with a large number of migrants working or living abroad, you'll be well aware of the billions of dollars that flow into your country each year. Pay2Home offers you access to this lucrative market without the need for large investments in payment infrastructure, offshore representation and operating licenses.

For banks on the receiving end of high volume, low value payments, you can forget about manual processing. The Pay2Home platform pre-processes all payments ready for upload to your core banking system, domestic payment and clearing systems and ATM networks. The transactions you receive in country are easy to handle domestic transactions. All you need to do is leverage up the investment you have made in your domestic banking infrastructure and concentrate on what your organization does best.

If you would like to know more about our alliance partner program for financial institutions, or our payment platform and payment logistics tools, contact us today. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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